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Breaking the Balance
      Artemis sat in the trees watching as the girl stood on the cliff watching the ocean. The girl was obviously in deep thought about the fight Artemis had eavesdropped into earlier in the evening. The girl stood silently and all Artemis could hear was the lapping of the waves.
Artemis was starting to believe all her observations over this girl might be a waste of time. That’s when the girl’s long thin blonde hair was swept over her shoulder and she could see what she was looking for. The Mark of the Gifted, the tell-tale mark of the talented humans of this world. That faithful faded star birthmark with what looks to be filigree around it that was even more faded than the star.
Artemis found that it was time to test her powers sway with the girl. She used her particular talents to sing to the girl. The girl twitched to
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No light
Evelyn sat on her porch outside of her old house. It had been years since she had gotten to sit on the familiar wooden steps and look out to the beautiful forest that surrounded the area. Rain clouds covered they sky with a beautiful steel grey. The fog was not dense today, but it was a bit thick. Why was she here? To see a familiar face? To start anew in her past? Foolish. She was looking to her left at the path she had taken often with friends and old loves. Through the forest and to the main road of the huge gated community. Her reverie was abruptly interrupted when she saw someone emerge from the fog in the direction of the path. Oh, fate such a sneaky thing. Demetri stopped walking as soon as he saw her. She could she the twinkle of hope in his eyes already there as he looked at her with his deep chocolate eyes. She got up walked down the 3 stairs and hit the pavement. He walked until he reached her and was intimately close. He leaned down to kiss her lips and his long brown hair
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Rise from the Ashes
Someone I truly admire has said the words I finally needed to hear.
'You should know it in your being,if you listen to the truth inside you.'
The words have woken me up from a deep sleep.
I have been a hollow version of myself.
Not fair to me or others.
I use to see and feel the magic and horror in everything.
I have began to walk backwards and reverse  the progress I have made on myself.
This person was referring to an end, but I wish to refer to a beginning.
A new one at that.
Opening my ears to the sound of my truth and my voice over the music I have created myself as a distraction.
To hear that I need a change.
To find the passion I was once admired for.
I need to find the new me to live at peace with the old me.
No longer in limbo with grey skies and unclear feelings.
The end of misery's reign at last.
It begins tonight.
I will rise from the ashes, as I have many times before <3
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The Illusion
I have always been under the illusion of a fantasy.
Diving in to good books with better worlds than our own.
Wish I had the talents or even half the guts of these heroines.
But I have no talents.
An empty shell made to admire others.
Made for others to appreciate their talents and lives.
Then I found my own happiness with silly thoughts of romance.
I keep putting hope into him seeming like a fool.
But I love him still.
Wondering if he will ever resurface.
I took advantage thinking that he would always be there.
But I was wrong.
He left me and now his empty shell remains.
I still hope that one day the man I fell in love with will be back.
Sooner rather than later.
But my life is a losing battle.
And their is still much more to come.
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When Glass Shatters
   My bed looked warm and inviting as I trudged into the bedroom, but I would rather not be anywhere he touched. I chose the floor instead. Then I remembered our very first night in the house with no furniture. The image of us began to materialize. Alexander and I laughing and talking about the  would be in our lives soon. We were so happy and excited. We had been around the world and chased our dreams together. We were so ready for the new chapter. The one to complete everything. Even his dark stunning green eyes smiled as he talked about the baby. His long dark black hair fell in his face as he laughed. I giggled in between talking my long red hair kept frizzing in my face. He whispered, "I love you". I was so happy I couldn't help but cry. I leaned in to kiss him.
  We were so happy together with few bad days. Forever in the honeymoon phase since we met. He was absolutely amazing in everything he did. Now all that was gone. I bur
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